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Mad Jess: Filthy Road – New art by Nick Saglimbeni

Desert-Mechanic-Jessica-Burciaga-Nick-Saglimbeni-1520px Desert Mechanic Jessica is the Girls' resident MacGyver. When she isn't prepping the team's vehicles for battle, she's in the shop working on her other top-secret inventions. But don't let the grease-monkey persona fool you. She's been known to take down a man three-times her size with a swift wrench to the face. Who says there's never a good mechanic around when you need one? Click the image above for the full HD wallpaper! CREDITS: Photo: Nick Saglimbeni Makeup: Therese Williams Hair: Al Ingram Styling: Diana Chan SFG-jessica-burciaga-ground-mechanic-ig-1000

SlickforceGirl Mechanic Jessica Fights Dirty

SlickforceGirl-Jessica-Burciaga-Mechanic-760-tag Everybody likes a fair fight. But sometimes things get messy. Fortunately, there's a new hero who doesn't care either way. Meet Desert Mechanic Jessica: a grease-monkey from rural nowhere who can fix anything—including a bad attitude. Model Jessica Burciaga stars as our rugged femme fatale, and here is the first art of our newest character. Click the image above for the fullsize HD version! CREDITS: Photo: Nick Saglimbeni Makeup: Therese Williams Hair: Al Ingram Styling: Diana Chan Jessica-Mechanic-Teaser-Square

Jessica Burciaga Swings the Wrecking Ball

new-slickforce-girl-jessica-burciaga-dirty-sexy-hair-goggles-greasy-fight-begins-saglimbeni If you've never seen Jessica Burciaga before, then you probably live on Mars. This Southern California beauty has armies of fans from Reno to Russia, and now she's bringing her starlet super-powers to SlickforceGirl. At her shoot in the blazing hot Mojave desert, Jessica had to get down and dirty for this gritty role. But she weathered the scrapes and bruises without batting an eyelash, knowing it was for a good cause. Much more to come from Ms. Burciaga and the rest of the ladies over the coming months. Stay tuned right here at for all the updates! Photo by Joyce Park for SlickforceStudio Hair by Al Ingram Make-up by Therese Williams Styled by Diana Chan
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