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SlickforceGirl Reaches Out to the U.S. Special Forces!



SlickforceGirl wants to give SSG Gabriel Rodela and all the rest of the U.S. Special Forces soldiers a huge shout out! Your bravery in the most dangerous situations continues to inspire us. Be safe, and we wish you a speedy journey home.

"Thank you SlickforceGirl for the packages you sent to us. The snacks were a great additive for the guys since we usually only get to have small snacks throughout the day. Also the magazines are awesome being both 2d and 3d. The guys here really appreciate it and send their regards to you." - SSG Gabriel Rodela

SlickforceGirl Nazanin is a Cool Cat


Model Nazanin Mandi stopped by SlickforceStudio today to shoot promotional images for her SlickforceGirl campaign. Here, she is seen wearing her Arctic Spy faux-fur jacket, being photographed by Nick Saglimbeni.

Hair by Al Ingram
Makeup by Therese Williams

SlickforceGirl Reaches Out to the U.S. Air Force!


SlickforceGirl would like to give a shout out to Gregory Jasinski and his team! We appreciate your constant strength and courage.

"My team and I wanted to thank you for the care package. The WMB magazines were great, something for everyone in them, not to mention the 3D side was really cool. Thank you for the support, SlickforceGirl!" - Gregory Jasinski

VIDEO: The making of Arctic Spy Nazanin

Here's a brand spanking new video taking you behind-the-scenes on the making of Arctic Spy Nazanin's shoot. Model Nazanin Mandi slipped into the espionage-themed shoot with remarkable ease, making us all wonder if this whole modeling thing is just a cover.

This shoot day was a particularly large production, as we photographed several of the SlickforceGirls in one day. My thanks to the amazing team that helped us pull it off!

Model: Nazanin Mandi
Photographed & Produced by Nick Saglimbeni
Hair by Al Ingram
Make-up by Therese Williams
Styling by Diana Chan
Vintage Faux Fur: stylist's own.

Stay Warm with Arctic Spy Nazanin’s Pin-up Poster!

This February, Arctic Spy Nazanin encourages her fans to "Bundle up", in this Collector's Edition 11x17 mini-poster. A portion of proceeds from poster sales are donated to the Breast Cancer Charities of America's iGoPink campaign. Order your posters at the SaglimbeniStore here.

The SlickforceGirls need your help. Join the fight!

Model: Nazanin Mandi
Image by Nick Saglimbeni for SlickforceStudio
Hair by Al Ingram
Make-up by Therese Williams
Styling by Diana Chan
Vintage Faux Fur: stylist's own.

The Storm is Coming: Arctic Spy Nazanin

SlickforceGirl Nazanin is a cool cat. So cool, in fact, she might just give you frostbite. But don't let her seductive looks fool you—cross this stunning superspy and she'll take you out in your sleep. Either way, we're just glad she's on our side...we hope. Stay tuned for more from this blizzard-dwelling beauty.

SlickforceGirl Nazanin Mandi Brings the Rain


Nazanin Mandi is no stranger to my camera—she's modeled for at least seven commercial projects of mine since 2006, and has played every role from Persian princess to R&B vixen to fashion model. So when casting this stormy SlickforceGirl character, I knew exactly who to call. Never one to back down from a challenge, look for Nazanin to put the freeze on the competition when she unleashes her fury.

Photo by Joyce Park for SlickforceStudio
Make-up by Therese Williams
Hair by Al Ingram
Wardrobe styled by Diana Chan

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