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SlickforceGirl Supports the Troops

In early December, the SlickforceGirl team reached out to several battalions of deployed U.S. troops overseas to find out what items they needed in the field. Our team put together more than a dozen care packages and shipped them out just before Christmas. Over the last few weeks, we've begun to receive confirmations of package arrivals in various destinations—many of them delivered by helicopter to the most remote of locations—including this photo from an undisclosed Air Force base in Afghanistan. It shows Airman Amico and two of his fellow airmen, cheered on by SlickforceGirl Erika. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to the men and women who risk their lives everyday for others. Your bravery in the most dangerous situations continues to inspire us, and it is a sobering reminder of just how many freedoms we take for granted as civilians. Be safe, and we wish you a speedy journey home.

VIDEO: Behind-the-scenes with Brittany Dailey

SlickforceGirl: Behind the Scenes with Brittany Dailey from Nick Saglimbeni on Vimeo.

SlickforceGirl Brittany Guards the New Year

[caption id="attachment_510" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Try me."][/caption] Naval Commander Brittany surveys the landscape. Some say she's keeping a watchful eye, others might venture she's looking for trouble. Either way, you don't want to end up on her bad side. Join Brittany, Erika, Vanessa and the other SlickforceGirls in the fight against breast cancer. Brittany's Limited Edition action posters arrive January 1. Be the first to get them here!

Navy Commander Brittany Crashes the Party

All is quiet on the Western Front. That is, until Navy Commander Brittany crashes to shore. Model Brittany Dailey joins the cast of SlickforceGirl as she springs into action to help fellow heroes Erika & Vanessa. Pre-order Brittany's explosive Collector's Poster right here, and a portion of your purchase will go to help the fight against breast cancer. Stay tuned for more adventures—including wild new photos and videos—from our power-packed team right here at! CREDITS: Photography by Nick Saglimbeni Make-up by Gaby Ramos Torell Hair by Al Ingram Wardrobe Styling by Sarah Ellis & Amanda Carter

VIDEO: Erika Medina Takes to the Skies!

SlickforceGirl: Behind the Scenes with Erika Medina from Nick Saglimbeni on Vimeo.

Here's a cool behind-the-scenes look at the making of Erika Medina's SlickforceGirl shoot. What a fun (and cold) day this was! Thanks to Erika for being such a trooper during the shoot, and to the entire SlickforceStudio team who helped us pull off this dynamic concept. See the finished shots from Erika's SlickforceGirl shoot here. And order the Erika's Collector's Edition "Unzipped" 24x36 wall poster right here before they're gone! CREDITS: Photography by Nick Saglimbeni Make-up by Gaby Ramos Torell Hair by Al Ingram Wardrobe Styling by Sarah Ellis & Amanda Carter Cinematography by David A. Rivera for SlickforceStudio Edited by Daniel U. Magana for SlickforceStudio

Veteran’s Day: Airman Erika Salutes the Troops

When Air Force Airman Erika isn't busy saving the world, she's thanking real heroes who fight for freedom every day. This Veteran's Day, Erika salutes the troops by with this special unzipped version of "Thank you for your service." The Airman Erika pin-up image is now available as a stunning limited edition 24"x36" poster. A portion of profits from poster sales will be donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which helps wounded veteran's and their families within the U.S. Special Forces community, including Army Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Air Force Combat Controllers and Marine Corps special ops personnel. Pre-order the poster now at and receive it before the holidays. Ships worldwide.

Airman Erika Joins the Fight

Just when Vanessa thought she was alone, Air Force pilot Erika swoops in to help. This courageous airman has lots more to show you in the coming weeks, but she kicks off the fight today with her Limited Edition 27"x41 Collector's Poster. Only 15 fine-art prints have been made, each one is hand-signed and numbered by Nick Saglimbeni and model Erika Medina. A portion of the proceeds is donated to to help in the fight against breast cancer. Now it's your turn to join the fight! See Erika's Limited Edition Poster at the SaglimbeniStore! CREDITS: Photography by Nick Saglimbeni Hair by Al Ingram Make-up by Gaby Torell Styling by Sarah Ellis & Amanda Carter
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