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Model Kersti Pitre Shoots a Bullseye

[caption id="attachment_296" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="This might sting a bit."][/caption] From Certain journeys change you forever. For me, among those journeys are my travels to Kenya. So many of the people I met there possessed a warmth and strength in spirit that I have rarely seen, and I ended up making friends I'm certain I will keep for life. When I set out to create the SlickforceGirl team, I knew that one of the characters must be Kenya-inspired. It would take someone with an equally strong heart to play the role, and I found just what I needed with model Kersti Pitre. South Africa-born and Southern California-raised, Kersti experienced her very first shoot right here at Slickforce only a few years ago. Now, get ready for her to impress viewers with her range as she tackles one of the toughest heroes of the bunch. A very special thanks goes out to the women of the Mama Saruni Masai in Amboseli, Kenya, for hand-crafting Kersti's jewelry, and to my very good friend Ali Khan of Vumbi Jeep Safaris for coordinating our trans-Atlantic operation. See more of Kersti and our other heroes at! Photo by Joyce Park for SlickforceStudio Hair by Ganohon Aline Ansansame Make-up by Therese Williams Styled by Diana Chan Jewelry hand-crafted in Amboseli, Kenya by the Mama Saruni Masai Women's Group
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