Airman Erika Pin-Up by Brett Parson

SlickforceGirl Art

Ever since Nick showed me the original mock-up for this piece by Brett Parson I couldn’t wait to feature it on the blog. I love the cartoon-y style of his artwork and the background is absolutely stunning. The whole thing turned out perfect as a faux-comic book cover, don’t you think?

~ Corey Stevenson

Art by Brett Parson – Deviant Art | Facebook

Kaitlynn Pin-Up by Lost Melody


Things are about to heat up with this stunning Kaitlynn pin-up by the very talented Lost Melody (迷走之音). Check back often for more awesome SlickforceGirl artwork and news on upcoming projects.

~ Corey Stevenson

Art by Lost Melody (迷走之音) – Deviant Art

Vanessa Valentine Pin-Up by Yama Orce

Vanessa Valentine Pin-Up by Yama Orce

Hi everyone. I just wanted to take a quick second to introduce myself on the site. My name is Corey and I’ll be helping to spread the word about Slickforce Girl. That means from this point on I’ll be posting on the Facebook Fan Page, Tumblr, Twitter, and occasionally here.

A little bit about me: I went to school for film at Towson University in Maryland before I moved out to LA about ten years ago. The first job I landed out here was at SlickforceStudio as an assistant. Needless to say, I’ve known Nick for over ten years and I’ve seen SlickforceGirl grow from a tiny spark in Nick’s eye to what it is today. I’m excited to be a part of the project and I can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the future.

Now that we got all that out of the way, it’s time to check out the first official art work of our sexy space adventurer, Vanessa Valentine. The pin-up is by the incredibly talented Yama Orce and represents the first of many awesome pieces of art (from various artists) that we have lined up for you all. Keep your eyes peeled and check back often, you never know what’s gonna pop up next.

~ Corey Stevenson

Art by Yama Orce – Deviant Art | Facebook

Come See SlickforceGirl at Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2014!


It’s official: SlickforceGirl will be at Stan Lee’s Comikaze this year in Los Angeles.

Be sure to come by and meet the team from October 31 thru November 2, and stay tuned for a special announcement! Learn more about Stan Lee’s Comikaze here, and special thanks to these amazing artists for this beautiful illustrated teaser!

Colors: ULA MOS

Vanessa is Heading out on a Mission


Our stunning space explorer is heading out on a new mission… but where is she going?? Stay tuned to find out.


New Firefighter Kaitlynn Art Released!



Don’t let the blonde hair fool you. You’d have to be pretty stupid to mess with this axe-wielding action hero. Firefighter Kaitlynn rescues those in need everyday, and she certainly doesn’t need anyone standing in her way. See more from Kaitlynn in the SaglimbeniStore, and if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to watch model Kaitlynn Carter suit up for SlickforceGirl in this behind-the-scenes video below!

New AirForce Airman Erika GIFs!

Clearly, we need to give the SlickforceGirl editing team more constructive things to do. In the meantime, enjoy these super sexy and action-packed GIFs of the lovely Erika Medina!

Double-Flash-Erika-Medina-SlickforceGirl erika-medina-slickforcegirl-helicopter-chopper-explosion
Erika-Medina-SlickforceGirl-Puts-on-helmet-air-force-army-military-pilot Erika-Medina-SlickforceGirl-Theyre-Real


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