Mad Jess: Filthy Road – New art by Nick Saglimbeni


Desert Mechanic Jessica is the Girls’ resident MacGyver. When she isn’t prepping the team’s vehicles for battle, she’s in the shop working on her other top-secret inventions. But don’t let the grease-monkey persona fool you. She’s been known to take down a man three-times her size with a swift wrench to the face. Who says there’s never a good mechanic around when you need one?

Click the image above for the full HD wallpaper!

Photo: Nick Saglimbeni
Makeup: Therese Williams
Hair: Al Ingram
Styling: Diana Chan


Memorial Day: Marine Melanie by Chris Williams & Ula Mos


This Memorial Day, we pause to remember those who have fought bravely—and in many cases, given their lives—so that others could be free. In commemoration, artist Chris Williams has drawn our hero Marine Melanie, with colors by our very own wonder woman, Ula Mos. To those who are no longer with us, as well as those who continue the fight: we salute you.

Click on the image above for the full HD version.

Pencils by Chris Williams – Deviant Art | Twitter
Inks by Jake Isenberg – Deviant Art | Facebook
Colors by Ula Mos – Deviant Art | Facebook


SlickforceGirl Mechanic Jessica Fights Dirty


Everybody likes a fair fight. But sometimes things get messy. Fortunately, there’s a new hero who doesn’t care either way. Meet Desert Mechanic Jessica: a grease-monkey from rural nowhere who can fix anything—including a bad attitude.

Model Jessica Burciaga stars as our rugged femme fatale, and here is the first art of our newest character. Click the image above for the fullsize HD version!

Photo: Nick Saglimbeni
Makeup: Therese Williams
Hair: Al Ingram
Styling: Diana Chan


Air Force Airman Erika Inks


The response to Chris Williams’ Erika piece was through the roof, so we thought you guys might like to take a closer look. Here are the beautiful inks by Jake Isenberg, on top of Chris’ pencils. A stunning sight to behold!

Click the image for the hi-res version, and if you missed the full-color version, see it here.

Pencils by Chris Williams – Deviant Art | Twitter
Inks by Jake Isenberg – Deviant Art | Facebook

Vanessa Valentine: Alien Blast by Brett Parson


It’s official—things are starting to get messy for Vanessa. The days of the “regular” bad guy are quickly coming to a close, replaced by a scarier—and much more disgusting—brand of nemesis. Fortunately, Ms. Valentine is tougher than your average purple-haired astronaut. Let’s just pray she has enough ammo in that pulse gun of hers.

This wickedly awesome scene comes to us from one of our favorite artists, Brett Parson, who gave us an amazing Airman Erika Arias last year. Click the photo above for the HD version!

Art by Brett Parson – Deviant Art | Facebook


Air Force Airman Erika by Chris Williams


Are you ready for more #GirlsGoneHero?

Alright, we’ve kept you waiting long enough. Our girls are finally rested and ready for action.

Airman Erika Arias is our first hero to return to the scene, and this time she’s been beautifully drawn by one of our favorite artists, illustrator Chris Williams. Inked by the talented Jake Isenberg, with colors beautifully rendered by Danielle St. Pierre.

We’ve got an exciting year ahead for the SlickforceGirls—including some much requested storyline reveals for our heroes—so be sure to add your email to our mailing list over there on the right. Click on the image below for the full HD wallpaper, and stay tuned for more!

Pencils by Chris Williams – Deviant Art | Twitter
Inks by Jake Isenberg – Deviant Art | Facebook
Colors by Danielle St. Pierre – Deviant Art


Firefighter Kaitlynn Goes Anime!


Apparently, the SlickforceGirls are reaching the far corners of the globe. We just received this amazing artwork of our brave firefighter Kaitlynn Connor, by illustrator Ian Kafat in Tokyo—marking the first time a SlickforceGirl has been drawn as Japanese Anime.

What adventures will Kaitlynn encounter in the Land of the Rising Sun? How will she communicate? Do Japanese firefighters even use the same equipment? So many questions, so few answers.

Only one thing is certain: 少女達がヒーローに.

Click the image for the full HD version!

Anime Kaitlynn by Ian Kafat – Deviant Art

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