Comikaze SFG Team-Up Promo by Eduardo Garcia & Ula Mos


Comikaze is almost upon us…so what better time to release the first multi-character SlickforceGirl art! Trouble on earth has reached unprecedented levels, causing our heroes Erika Arias, Vanessa Valentine, and Kaitlynn Connor to team up for a battle royale.

This stunning piece by illustrator Eduardo Garcia and colorist Ula Mos gave our team chills when we first saw it—as well as an appreciation for how far the SFG brand has evolved in such a short time.

As for the future, we’ve got our ideas…but where do you see it going next?

Come see us at Stan Lee’s Comikaze, October 31st-November 2nd at booth #1232. You can buy your tickets at

Pencils & Inks by Eduardo Garcia – Deviant Art | Facebook | Twitter
Colors by Ula Mos – Deviant Art | Facebook


Deep Diver Tiffany Takes the Fight to New Depths


Trouble is brewing below sea level, and the Girls need a new weapon. Fortunately, a SlickforceGirl has surfaced that excels at resolving underwater drama. Meet Deep Diver Tiffany.

Our newest hero to join the fight is played by the lovely Tiffany Luu. Here’s our first image of Tiffany diving into action. We’ve got lots more from Tiffany, including behind-the-scenes from our shoot, so stay tuned!

Photography by NICK SAGLIMBENI
Styling by DIANA CHAN

Commander Brittany Faux Cover by Corey Knaebel & Ula Mos

Commander Brittany by Corey Knaebel & Ula Mos

Naval Commander Brittany has always been a badass. During our live-action shoot, our good friend & model Brittany Dailey brought the perfect combination of fearless hero and sexy swag to the character. Lucky for us, artists Corey Knaebel and Ula Mos were able to capture that swag in cartoon form.

In this beautiful faux cover, Brit returns to base to recharge—and accept a little adoration from her fellow warriors.

BREAKING NEWS: Model Brittany Dailey will be joining us at our SlickforceGirl booth at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Oct 31-Nov 2, signing this limited edition poster, along with artist Corey Knaebel. Be sure to come by and see us!

In case you missed it, here’s a lookback at the making of Brittany’s shoot below!

Pencils by Corey Knaebel – Deviant Art | Website | Facebook
Inks and colors by Ula Mos – Deviant Art | Facebook

Kaitlynn Connor Concept Art by Lost Melody

SlickforceGirl Art Work

I’m not gonna lie, I was blown away the first time Nick showed me the Kaitlynn Connor Pin-Up by Lost Melody that I posted back in August. As an artist, I love seeing all his digital brush work in the final piece. It’s a great effect and gives a sense that the pin-up was actually painted on a canvas.

If you’re anything like me then you are also curious what kind of pre-production work Lost Melody put into the painting. Thankfully I have a couple concept sketches to show you all. As you can see, the final product was a merger between the two poses. Pretty cool, huh? I hope everyone enjoys these production drawings as much as I do. I’ll keep posting more as they come in so keep your eyes peeled.

~ Corey Stevenson

Art by Lost Melody (迷走之音) – Deviant Art

SlickforceGirl Erika Arias by Ein Lee


That’s right, our Airman Erika is back and ready action—and this time she’s armed with a last name! Here’s an anime-style character rendering of everyone’s favorite pilot, Erika Arias, drawn by the wonderfully gifted Ein Lee.

Here’s a reminder to come by the SlickforceGirl booth at Comikaze on Halloween weekend. Catch us on Facebook and Instagram, and stay tuned for more awesome art leading up to the show!

Art by Ein Lee – Deviant Art | Website

Kaitlynn Connor Faux Cover Pin-Up by Corey Knaebel and Ula Mos


This is the part where I say, “Is it hot in here or is it just me?”

Hey guys, I hope you’re enjoying the new SlickforceGirl illustrated pieces we’ve been releasing over the last few weeks. As a lifetime comic-book art fan, I couldn’t be more excited to work with so many wickedly-talented artists from across the globe.

This Kaitlynn piece is particularly special for two reasons: 1) Because it is beautifully drawn by the brilliant team of illustrator Corey Knaebel and colorist Ula Mos, and 2) it’s the first reveal of our brave firefighter’s last name — Meet Kaitlynn Connor.

I’m also excited to announce that artist Corey Knaebel will be joining us at our booth at Stan Lee’s Comikaze.

Here is a look back at Kaitlynn’s live-action shoot below, played by the lovely Kaitlynn Carter.

Stay tuned to for more art, new heroes, and upcoming appearance info!


Pencils by Corey Knaebel – Deviant Art | Website | Facebook
Inks and colors by Ula Mos – Deviant Art | Facebook

The Making of SlickforceGirl: Firefighter Kaitlynn from Nick Saglimbeni on Vimeo.

Vanessa Valentine Pin-Up by Ein Lee

Cartoon Pinup babes at

Here’s another awesome pin-up of our sexy space adventurer, Vanessa Valentine. This time the art was created by the incredibly talented Ein Lee. This piece is a part of a larger character sheet, but I think it works wonderfully by itself. I hope you all love it as much as I do.

Don’t forget to check back periodically for more awesome art, and make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest SlickforceGirl news and updates.

~ Corey Stevenson

Art by Ein Lee – Deviant Art | Website

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